“Indian Age 25” an Independent Short film by ‘Sasi Kumar Mutthuluri’ addresses youngster’s dilemma@25

Have you ever felt that everything that have  been told until now is a lie? That your life is actually headed nowhere? Dreaming of quitting your job and heading out to travel the world, maybe? Apparently, this is a most common phenomenon in young people around the age of 25.The film is all about it.
Casting of Indian,Age25

 Here is my opinion on this INDEPENDENT Short Film that protrayed about life@25

ShivaKumar as Vijay

The movie “Indian Age -25” has been portrayed the common phenomenon in young pepole@25. There are few pros and cons in the movie, yet the content of the movie should be taken in a positive instinct. The movie shows the frustration of a young Indian boy, who feels that he, has been a victim to lead a life that was told by his elders/parents. He blames his parents for not being opened minded and forcing their kids to do what everyone does. He wants to explain that each guy on this planet has his own thoughts but just don’t get an opportunity, rather the opportunity is stolen from their family by over pampering their thoughts for success.

There is a Valid point in the movie though when he tries to explain that instead of parents forcing their children to work for a company to be replaced with the parents asking their children to start a company.

He is also frustrated with the corporate work culture that he has to adapt. He feels it really silly when for all the small personal things you need to ask for higher authorities.

A still form the film
A still form the film ‘Indian,age25’

This is a valid point though, If you start thinking you will come to know that these small things, kills your self – esteem and you start becoming a slave from being a worker.He then plans of moving out of the company and plan for doing something big. But he is restricted by his parents and his needs that he had purchased.

He then is consulted by his manager on his frustration and explains that not only he, but many of the employees working today are victim of this, but are also in a stage that they can’t move out of the companies, and thus he explains him that we need to be really very special to leave the organization in such a situation or be continuing the life in a way that is running.

Still from the film ‘Indian,age25’

The main point of the movie is, children today do not get the opportunity rather the opportunity is taken away from them by not thinking out of the box and working on it.

As I said it has some pros cons the main con in this film depicted is that, Blaming parents for the situation you are in today. You can’t always blame the other guys for your position. There should be a mistake in us too, we need to figure it out and work in a manner that at least our future should not be the victim of it.

Here whats Director Sasi Said to ‘THE HINDU’

Sasi (who’d earlier directed a short film Muhurtam) is himself an engineer and had even showed Bommarillu to his father to convey his need to take charge of his life. However he insists the film is not entirely autobiographical, “The interest to be something in life stemmed from the posters of Sr NTR in my house. Everyone has their own medium to express their thoughts, cinema being my passion because of its reach. ,” he adds. Before setting himself for feature films, Sasi wanted to prove his worth through a theme that would resonate with audience.

Indian Age 25, diector
Sai Kumar Mutthuluri

Staying true to the emotions of the characters is one reason behind the popularity of Indian Age 25, he says. Sasi had approached producers to put it up as a web-series or other media but finally chose to produce a film on his own with friends. “I wanted to have a voice of my own, if I’m given the freedom for a film. The constraints in producing it in fact led me to interesting ideas, which wouldn’t have struck me otherwise,” Sasi states, having just come back from discussions with producers Dil Raju and Sai Korrapati.

He credits Sujeeth, Tharun Bhascker and Ravikanth Perepu for opening gateways for short filmmakers to enter the industry. “You’ll hear the big news soon,” he also mentions about his feature debut.

To all who din’t watched yet, here is it Watch and enjoy

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    Super short film. I am studying photography. I love cinematography. Can I join with us


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